Leading the World in Weather Tracking

Since 2006, Stormpulse has been the trusted source for in-depth weather information. As one of the first to introduce interactive weather maps online, we set the standard for how weather data is aggregated, filtered, organized and presented.

Weather doesn’t have to be unpredictable.

Our Past

As a hurricane-tracking enthusiast growing up in South Florida, Matt Wensing relied on Weather.com and local news to follow the latest hurricane information. The data seemed incomplete and basic so Matt attempted to build his own maps using his experience as a software developer. Within three years, he created the most advanced, interactive, online hurricane-tracking map available.

Matt’s first audience was weather nerds like him, but as word spread and more people saw the beautiful, customizable maps, companies began to take notice. They recognized the value in being able to predict and monitor weather conditions at precise locations to ensure employee safety and plan for business continuity.

Our Present

Today, Stormpulse is the professional weather tracking resource for organizations whose livelihood is impacted by the weather. From schools, athletic organizations and companies with field employees to the largest enterprises in the world, Stormpulse solves the challenges these organizations have when it comes to keeping employees safe and planning before, during and after storms. No matter the number of locations, the type of weather or the device, users can instantly be alerted of and see storm details that matter most to them so they can be more prepared.

For companies with logistic concerns, Stormpulse feeds weather data to Riskpulse, a sister software company that helps shippers and carriers detect transportation risks up to 14 days in advance. With weather being a major factor in on-time delivery, organizations include Stormpulse data into their shipment planning to reduce transportation spend, increase profitability and improve their competitive position.

Our Mission

Stormpulse will continue to implement the latest technologies to collect weather-related data and present it in the most consumable way possible. Our goal is to give our users the exact data they need quickly and reliably without adding complexity, advertisements or unnecessary features.

Why Trust Us

Many of the world’s most recognized companies leverage Stormpulse interactive weather maps to predict, plan, and protect. The U.S. government, NASA, FedEx, Humana, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo are only a few of the hundreds of organizations who use Stormpulse every day.


Because no other online weather map in the world is as detailed, customizable, scalable, or easy to use. We make weather predictable so companies are never caught in the storm.

Mother Nature has been exposed.

Make better decisions sooner to keep your employees, assets and operations safe.

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